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Registration of players 2018

Posted by Chris Fuller on 07/03/2016 15:44


  1. A player may only register for one club not withstanding clause 5 below.
    Any club which plays an
    unregistered young cricketer or one already registered for

    another affiliated club shall forfeit ALL the matches in which that player competes while unregistered or registered with another club and those matches shall be awarded to their opponents. In the event that both teams play unregistered players or players registered with another club in the same match, no points will be awarded to either team.

  2. Each club shall update on their own cricket club’s play-cricket website annually a full list of young cricketers registering the player on the CYCA website together with their dates of birth and any other details as from time to time required by the COMPETITIONS SUB- COMMITTEE by the 2nd week of May in the year of competition.

  3. All young cricketers under the age of 15 on the 31st August in the year preceding competition must obtain the written consent of a parent or guardian prior to competing in any match administered by the CYCA.

  4. Clubs must register fresh players on the play-cricket website within 24 hours of the first match in which they compete. Any club failing to do so shall be fined £5 for each and every failure to fulfil this requirement by the due time.

  5. A player may transfer during the playing season from one affiliated club to another only with the written consent of both clubs or with the written consent of the COMPETITIONS SUB- COMMITTEE which shall not be unreasonably withheld and in any case not on or after the 30th June in the year of competition.

    A player who transfers during the season shall be ineligible to play in any cup competition in which they have already played for their previous club.

  6. Upon request in any match the manager shall nominate his/her players by entering their names on a result card and making it available to the opposing manager before commencement of play.