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Fulfilment of fixtures 2018

Posted by Chris Fuller on 07/03/2016 15:48



  1. All fixtures are to be played before or on the date set out in the handbook excepting for clauses 2.2.2 to 2.2.6 and 2.6.4. Under-15 league matches are usually to be played on Mondays and Under-13 league matches are usually to be played on Thursdays. In the case of cup matches and league matches, including rearranged Under15 and Under13 matches, the manager of the home team will have choice of dates. The away team will be given reasonable notice, not to be less than 7 whole days. 
  2. A match may be postponed by the manager of the home team due to inclement weather.
  3. In the case of matches being played on public fields or parks the ultimate decision for postponement of matches must be left to the respective ground superintendents.
  4. A match may be postponed no later than four days beforehand when School activities prevent five or more players from competing.
  5. In the event of any protest a written letter from the School shall be required.

  6. A match may be abandoned due to inclement weather or any situation which presents a danger to any player or official or spectator by mutual agreement of the two managers or by the ground superintendent.
  7. Abandoned or games cancelled due to school activities must be replayed within two weeks of the original scheduled date.
    Procedure to follow for games that do not get played on the designated day.                                                                                                                                           
  8. If there is going to be rain or it rains prior to the match or during the match, then the game will be classed as abandoned. It can remain as abandoned and not replayed and the points will be shared. If both clubs can agree to replay the fixture within a two week period then the results will be whatever is achieved on that re-arranged day.
  9. If for whatever reason the ground on which the game is due to be played on becomes unavailable or is not fit to be played on, it becomes the responsibility of the home club to find a suitable venue within two weeks to replay the fixture. This could be reversing the fixture or agree that you play the fixture away on the opposition ground.
  10. If on the day a club cannot provide a team due to school commitments the club must notify the opposition at least four days prior to the game. If it does not then the game will be awarded to the opposition. If notification is more than than four days then the game is temporarily called void. A new date to play must occur within two weeks of the void game. It is the responsibility of the club that originally called off the game to find a suitable date that fits the opposition who must reasonably offer three dates within that time period. If the club that called off the game cannot find a suitable date then the game will be awarded to the opposition. If the opposing club cannot offer any suitable dates but the club that called off the game are able to play then the game will be awarded to that club. If neither club have any suitable dates to replay the game then it will be declared void.
  11. In all cases clubs should notify the opposition at least a week prior to a match to confirm a fixture and clubs should respond promptly.

  12. Any club which fails to fulfil a fixture other than a VOID match shall have that match awarded to their opponents