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Under 12 Cric 8 rules 2018

Posted by Chris Fuller on 07/03/2016 16:56

 UNDER 12 Cric 8 rules

1.Teams will consist of 8 players per team, and 16 x 6 ball overs per innings.
2.The pitch shall be 18 yards in length and the pink ball specified by the league shall be 4.75 oz. in weight.
3.The boundary Shall be approximately 35-40 adult paces from the stumps.
4.Players will bat in pairs for 4 overs each pair
5.If a batsman is dismissed, then 5 runs is deducted, and the other batsman faces the next ball.
The batsman who faced the last ball of the over should not face the first ball of the net over, so if they take a single or three, then don’t swap, otherwise swap.
6.Each pair faces 4 different bowlers (except the first/last pair who might get 2 overs from the wicket-keeper)
7.All bowling will happen from one end (same end for both innings)
8.Everyone must bowl at least 2 overs (except Wicket-keeper which is optional)
9.If the wicket-keeper does not bowl, then 2 players may bowl 3 overs each, but never more than 1 to each pair.
9.If the Wicket-keeper is going to bowl, then they should bowl the first two, or last two overs of the innings.  10.Wicket-keepers should only change once per innings.
11.No fielders within 11 yards of the batsman when the ball is bowled.
12.Must be 3 fielders on each side of the wicket
13.The LBW rule will apply in full
14.Wides will count 2 runs plus any runs scored, and not rebowled (except the last over of the innings)
15.No balls will count 2 runs plus any runs scored and not rebowled. (except the last over of the innings)